#28 Texaco Havoline Thunderbird - Davey Allison

 This is  an authentic chassis, the #28 1992 RYR10 from Robert Yate's Racing. Raced 30 times from 1992 Charlotte to 1997 Phoenix with 6 wins, 2 poles, "21" top ten's.  Raced by Davey Allison, Neil Bonnet, Ernie Ervin, Kenny Wallace and Dale Jarrett. Truly a huge part of racing history. Restored in 2002 at Bill Elliott Racing. Crew Chief was Larry McReynolds. True correct car, difficult to find a 'real' chassis! Priced to sell, reducing my client's amazing collection. Verified by Jim Bartel on 12/12/20. Re-clipped front for use as road course car. Was in an accident in the past, but now with Elliott Motorsports car it is exceptional, and in exceptional condition. Very fast... huge amount of paperwork on this!

LISTING AT.........  $89,900.       

Lola T300 - HU7  F5000 

The Eppie Weitzes chassis!  Great Canadian racer great career!  READY NOW! Raced last weekend, 9/8, ran flawlessly.  It had just come out of the shop, after complete teardown, the owner wanted to race  it just once more time! Beautiful and  a podium finisher! Great history on HU7. Excellent car from a race shop we know and trust!  READY NOW! TRULY "ON-THE-BUTTON"...one of his collection of amazing cars!

LISTING AT........ $134,900.JUST LOWERED!

2012 Ford Mustang 302R - Authentic

Limited build of serialized MultiMatic: 1 of 25. (Serial number:  BOSS302R019) One hour on engine, and six on new Trans, only 2.500 miles total. This is exceptionally clean, more pics coming. Engine built by Roush Yates. Our seller is only the 2nd owner. Complete documentation. Now is the time!

LISTING AT............ $104,900.

1969 Caldwell D9 - #38

Restored chassis by a pro shop. Two weekends on fresh Ivey engine.  Competitive and eligible for vintage! Always available for viewing with appointment!

LISTING AT...........  $26,500.

ON THE WAY!!  McLaren Can-Am

More pics, video and info on the way!!

LOLA T330 F5000  HU24

Exceptional, restored, new tub, correct chassis, amazing restoration, the Jody Scheckter car. Talked at length with seller today, 100% correct documented #24 car. It is just amazing, such a long list of components on the rebuild including the zero hour motor, that is just the tip of the iceberg!

Has FIA papers!


Lotus S7 - #1568 - 1963  Exceptional!

Arguably the fastest S7 in the country! A Dave Bean restoration in 2001 with all legal modifications, racing in "CP". Long list of "first overall" at Sonoma, Coronado, Seattle, Portland, Grattan, Elkhart Lake, Waterford Hills, Thunderhill and others, long list of first in class and second in class, covering the finest race tracks in the USA! Complete list of owners, right hand drive, exceptional components from (8) $800 Wobbly wheels to  Trans-Xthe limited slip, this is a solid winning chassis. Exceptional engine build as well, 160hp, email for the info on this car. The car has everything it needs to win, but our client is offering an extra engine  at $9,500 and a great spares list. NO disappointments on this, one of the best you'll find anywhere!

LISTING AT............. $52,500.


Also invited to Long Beach for 2020. Last raced Nov 2019 at Thunderhill , saw  it myself, this is an Exceptional Atlantic, fresh Ivey engine, smooth trans, exceptional care, just 1 of my sellers collection. Correct plate and history, logbooks etc... NO disappointments! Always maintained and track supported by a pro race shop!


LISTING AT …………….$64,900 

Lotus Europa - 1974 - Daytona 24hr Finisher

Exceptionally restored Daytona 24hr Lotus!  Lovingly restored at over $100,000, by one of the finest race  shops that we trust and endorse, Collins Racing in Santa Ana, CA. This is a rare and historic race car. Not only  just a  stunning race car, it is light and very quick! Powered by a Cosworth BDA and Hewland 5/speed box. Absolutely flies down the track. These light cars from Colin Chapman are true to his legend. "One-of-one" on this car. Finished Daytona 24hrs in 1978, complete history file. A true collectible and ready for the track!

LISTING AT.............  $139,900.

Triumph TR4  1965

Very fast 2198cc, billet crank, custom rods & pistons, dual 45 DCOE Weber's, Tilton, alum radiator, powder-coated frame, aluminum hubs, brand new tires, long list of quality components, even custom tach, recalibrated from the factory 6k to an 8k tach. This is one of the top finishing TR4's on the west coast!  Northwest history since 1968. Perfect for next season's KAS CUP being held at Portland! 

LISTING AT.......... $35,000


Some information on the car:  It was born as a 914-4, has fiberglass fender flairs and fiberglass front and rear deck lids.  It has a 2.0L twin plug six engine, 901 transmission with a trans oil cooler.  The engine was built by Redmond European.  The car comes with two sets of Fuchs wheels and tires.  205/50x15 front and 225/50x15 rear.  Car weight = 2,200 lbs.  I have an engine dyno sheet.  No dyno information at the rear wheels.  
If anyone is interested I have a 22 foot Wells Cargo auto hauler trailer for sale as well as a once used BELL M8 helmet and Hans head & neck restraint.

LISTING AT ............ $35,000.


You do not need to spend a lot of money to have huge fun racing! This is an absolute bargain, owner is retiring. SCCA winning history! Excellent starter car, 300hp....be at the front!

1955 Rolls-Royce Sedan

Rolls-Royce Sedan. This car was used by  the Franklin Mint for their classic 1/24 scale diecast model. It was painstakingly restored by the former chief judge of the Southern Ca RROC/Bentley Club. This show car has garnered 25 plus First Place Trophies, First in Class at the ROCC Nationals, Two Best of Show post-war awards at the annual RROC So-Cal and given the highest award The Best of the Best by the RROC So-Cal Club. The car can  be driven anywhere and is presented in show condition.

LISTING AT..........
$139,000 OBO

Alan Mann Open Sports Ford Can-Am  with Exact COPY!   So  a (2) car package!  PLUS sitting chassis PLUS!

This 1969 original is in the museum, and an exact duplicate was hand made. Also Extra 'everything' ! See below:

"So a quick history, driven by Jack Brabham and Frank Gardner.  2 races Riverside and Texas in 1969.  
The original car has it's original paint and still sits on its Goodyear Blue streaks.  The original car was designed by Len Bailey and built in England.  The car was tested at Goodwood and then shipped to H&M for the prep of the all Aluminum Boss 429 motor.  All body parts on the original car are rolled and hammered Aluminum.
Second car built by Kenny Thompson, 35 year employee of Holman and Moody, also had Kenny build a 3rd replacement part of "everything" he built including a Monocoque.  Also have a 3rd set of "every" body part and the fiberglass molds....beyond Exceptional!  AND another complete chassis as well........ Built in the shop of Billy Rhine.

AVAILABLE CAN-AM IN THE USA, PLUS EUROPEAN EVENTS and the original for your museum!

LISTING AT................$1,000,000.

Lotus 23/ Porsche

This car was constructed as a tribute to the legendary George Follmer and his USRRC original, "the giant killer" now garaged in London.  Made with a SUTOL period correct chassis, a brazed bronze chassis # 035/23P the "P" being the only chassis made by them for a 911 Six. The hand-forged uprights were made to reflect the addition of a Porsche engine. Chassis made by ex-Lotus employees at SUTOL. Porsche powered, the 2.4 7R magnesium engine and gearbox #6531898. 

LISTING AT...........$77,500.   

Triumph TR2 MACAU - 1955 - HUGE history!

YES, it DID beat the Ferrari 212E Montagne (picture included!) and the Chevron B16! Unique and historic British race car , ROAD REGISTERED (easier for import). Built and raced from 1978 by Henry Toombs. successful on every UK track until 1986 - Winner of Birkett Six hour, 3RD behind Derek Bell in 1982/1983 - lots of history - then sold by Henry in 1991 to Germany (Opel main dealer Stuttgart) and raced all circuits very successfully until discovered and brought back to the UK in 2006 - The TR2 is owned, loved and has been rebuilt in the last ten years- raced annually in the Malta Classic- 4th overall Malta Classic Hillclimb (from 1960 ) STILL extremely fast - stroked engine, twin Weber 48'S 'works' sump - F1 BR front brakes (1961) - mainly alum body appx. 690KG! - Proven front running car and enormous Fun! Revs to 7,600 (though run to 6200) and is an absolutely gorgeous race car! NO disappointments!

LISTING AT..................  $96,500.

1959 MGA Twin Cam.

I believe this is the finest 1959 MGA T.C. available anywhere. This is the correct price point, there were 2,211 total T.C. MGA's made, most are street cars. This chassis has been extraordinarily kept, has run events at, Monterey Historics, Monterey Pre-Historics, Wine Country Classic, Coronado Speed Festival, Las Vegas Speedway and many more!  Fresh paint, Logbooks back to 1991, SVRA Gold Medallion Certified, Engine by Schlossnagel.  Chassis # YD3/1430. cast iron block, aluminum head, Weber, quick and dependable, sealed underbelly!  Extra set of wheels/tires included. VERIFIED as authentic by MGA pros.

LISTING AT........   $104,900. JUST LOWERED!!

This is Steve driving his GM1. Thought you might like to see these in action. Ours is as competitive, Steve here is an amazing driver!!

Lola T620 FSV  restored - Only "7" races!

Exceptional chassis - ALL original race tags

 Found in Florida in 2003 in a sad state of affairs ( see pics). ALL original sansthe MSD which can be changed back. ALL originaL period tub stickers, see pics.
*A labor of Love - Dyno time only.
*Car was raced by Mike Yoder during the 1978 Mini Indy series and Gold cup races .
'*7' Races only !!! Ground up resto from '7'!
*Motor is 1600 cc VW Rabbit / Golf @ 175hp. 
*Hewland 5 speed 
*Spares include one set of revolution wheels , fuel injection - misc hard  to find VW motorsport Parts .

​Also comes with photo signed by original driver Mike Yoder. Thanks Mike! I truly appreciate Mike as well as the others taking time out of their lives to sign the pictures for the new owners, a great part of racing history!!



Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our seller’s descriptions, no responsibility is taken for error, omission or misstatement or imperfections not stated.  We 'do' research our listings for accuracy, but rely on our seller’s knowledge of their vehicles. Buyers should satisfy themselves pre -purchase of the condition and provenance of the car and on their own judgment to satisfy themselves as to whether the car accords to its description or not. 

#9 Evernham Elliott Dodge - 2002 Intrepid

Here is an exceptionally well kept stock car. Chassis originally a McDonalds Ford, rebodied from Elliott as one of the shops unused bodies.. Bill did race both halves but this is a rebody. Done by Elliott Racing by Jim Barfield. I talked to Jim yesterday 12/12/20 for he accurate history. When it left his shop it is and was in the "original configuration" including the Ernie Elliott 358 Dodge engine with 750-+ hp and 510 torque at 7,200 rpm's. My seller has had this beauty since 2003. He has  had about 6 of these engines and they just make this car fly. Always a road course chassis. At this price it is a steal!  Comes with some Elliott memorabilia. Amazing car at this low a price point!

LISTING AT............$49,900   

NASCAR - #6 - Mark Martin

​Hi, previous owner bought the car from Gene Felton, an Intermediate Speedway track car, converted for road courses. This is a serious car, absolutely well kept race car with all the right stuff.  ROAD COURSE CHASSIS

​1992-3  Ex Mark Martin Roush Thunderbird, raced in 1992-1993 seasons. "P1"  FINISH at the 2017 Rose Cup for Big Bore. Pictures illustrate the build quality. Exceptional  Laughlin chassis. Ernie Elliot engine: cup engine, exceptional build. Email for  the amazing build sheet!

LISTING AT...…...$32,900.      

McLaren M8 Can-Am  "CUDDY"

Here is an exceptional build of the McLaren famous Can-Am cars, an M8 ! ALWAYS maintained and track supported by a trusted and excellent race shop. This car is in race-ready condition with fluids and safety check The pictures indicate its condition. Always available for inspection with appointment.​​

LISTING AT...……. $318,000.   JUST LOWERED!!!

Cobra - Original 427 Hardtop!  VERY rare!

Also included is the 427 'used' but not cracked 427 hood scoop included! This will be crated for the buyer for easier transport.

LISTING AT........... $2,500.  OR NEAREST OFFER

Please use our "contact" page for all the info and additional pictures! 

1980 MARCH 80A 'FA' 

​This is a good solid fast & fresh March. We have sold others of this marque, and this is an excellent and f-a-s-t chassis..........

* ZERO hour Cosworth

​* Originally a Shierson Chassis.

* New tires.

​* Trailer available!

LISTING AT............ $59,900.  LOWERED PRICE!

March 722 - 1972 Atlantic  722/25.

Tub# AM 72/24.

Exceptional 722, sought after chassis, in amazing condition. I have a full spec sheet for the buyer, as always, one of our great listings. Cosworth BDD: engine # c-07-02, head #8033. Huge amount of work put into this top tier March, one of my favorites!  Beautiful and fast! Difficult to find, great forgiving  chassis to drive! Looks even better in person, great Atlantic!  Maintained by a pro shop.

LISTING AT..........   $59,900   Just Lowered!!

MARCH 75B - Chassis #753-38 Atlantic - Exceptional condition!

A previous client has offered us his exceptional March 75B Atlantic, originally an F3.  Maintained by a professional shop we trust and work with on a regular basis. I just love and appreciate this run group, very fast, Cosworth high revving  engine, very competitive group of drivers! Was to be the Long Beach Grand Prix 'pre-race' group this year, so likely moved to 2021.

 Listing at.......... $68,250 FIRM...

1985 IMSA Corvette

1985 Corvette tube frame Trans Am, IMSA car 

This car was built in 1984/1985. Last raced with SOVREN in about 2008. Fresh engine with one race, dynoed at 648 Hp. New 5 speed trans, Fresh Frankland quik change diff., Koni coil overs with 5 link rear suspension, huge brakes and 16-inch BBS wheels. New fuel cell. Huge number of spares. Haulmark 24’ trailer available.
This car has raced at many of the famous racetracks in the US and Canada, including the Long Beach Grand Prix. 
**The deal from my seller is that he admits he made the mistake of putting this Vette up, for the last 4 years without being soaked with oil. So, it might be seized. At full price he will take it out and completely rebuild it, already has the hot internals. He of course will put in what you want but likely its already there! The guy has been racing AND winning since the 1960', (pic of his old car attached). He has owned a Corvette race/repair shop for decades, it will be a front running car.

LISTING AT............. $80,000


Adrian Reynard owned it for a couple of years when he still owned Honda F1 - he raced the car in British Racing Drivers Club races to better understand the 750 class bike engined. After he and his team tweaked and deeply studied this car - they built the Reynard Inverter - I have the emails and also plenty online about Fisher Fury/Reynard inverter...very fast car, 2nd overall in 4 episodes of Malta Classic GP, 2 nd overall in 4 Malta Classic hillclimbs -  AND ROAD REGISTERED - around 135hp, electric reverse on prop shaft, 400kg! - does have an old UK logbook saying 1973 and Maltese (current) logbook stating I think 1999 - PURCHASED FROM THE TARGA FLORIO FOUNDATION ,SICILY- STILL WITH THE STICKERS ON THE CAR - Has the Fireblade 990cc same as when Reynard owned it also a digi dash Reynard fitted, did have paddle gear shift (included in sale) but fitted with stick shift.

LISTING AT..........$29,500   Very unique fun car!


NEW! Great March 1983 S2000 #007

Great open cockpit sports racer!  I've known the last two owners, very well taken care of, professionally maintained. 2.0L Ford with Hewland MK9 transaxle. Very quick cars and very fun to drive!  Easily maintained, lap times in Seattle at 1:30 and Portland at 1:22.  Great value and a race class you'll enjoy!

LISTING AT.............   $30,000.


1963 MGB Roadster - Excellent build!

MGB, a race car its whole life. Originally white with Red Checkerboard on the valances and known as "The Purina Dog Chow Car". Owned and raced by The International Conference of Sports Car Clubs  President in the '80's, Conference class champion 3 years in the '80's.
Fresh engine with 3 events. Steel crank, aluminum rods, custom pistons, scatter cam, SU's, Pertronix, Accu-sump, Corbeau FIA seat, full synchro trans, welded diff, American Racing Libra wheels. Built to 1969 SCCA EP spec. Has Tonneau cover for cockpit when not driving. This is a very competitive front runner! 

SELLER SAYS GET THIS GONE!! Accepting Offers  

LISTING AT...............$16,500  JUST LOWERED  01/06/2020.

2001 Freightliner with 1994 Mack Trailer

VERY LOW mileage 165,000 CAT - 10/speed tractor, great mpg; 5-6. All services done, this is an excellent rig!  New mufflers in 2018, 300gal fuel tanks for  24-26 hrs driving time. double bunk beds and alloy wheels. 

The trailer originally built for Pabst Racing in 1994, all the necessary conveniences, 50' length holds 4 cars including stock cars, production cars, open wheelers, upper & lower decks. Great storage, custom builds inside. Lista cabinets. Canopy can be used on either side!

​All desired amenities, outside 110, NEW suspension in 2016, NEW roof 2012, NEW built in generator 2019. Awning is 50'x26' completely enclosed if desired; new canvas in 2015!  Email for complete list, it has all the bells & whistles! Ready now!

LISTING AT............... $65,000  Excellent Price as of 01/06/2020.

1983  MARCH 83C  Restored!

Bobby Rahal March restored and an exceptional car!  True sports converted 83C Cosworth to Chevrolet for road course. The debut had this on pole at Mid Ohio. The car was run 4-5 times in 1984 on road courses, then sold to Jet Engineering where Ed Pimm drove the  car 17-18 times, after which the car was retired from racing. Then sold to an auto body shop where it sat until 2000 when the current owner purchased it. It underwent a (3) year restoration at John & Graham Collins. Now with a FRESH 700hp with Lucas injection. Absolutely top tier beautiful  part of vintage racing!


1974-1979 Crossle 30F/35F

Logbook 74/75 30F, sold as 35F. Very fast front running car, and the timing sheets to prove it! 1:30 at Seattle!  19 hours on complete rebuild by Jay Ivey, new Ivey aluminum head in 2020, Hytech exhaust in 2020, new fuel cell in 2019, New Schroth restraints in 2019. New braking system in 2020 including the master, discs, rebuilt calipers and new pads. Ohlin shocks with Eibach springs. 2 sets of Panasports with newer Avons. Spare nose and spare new radiator. Excellent condition! NW gear sets.

LISTING AT..............$23,900 for everything

1964 Sunbeam Tiger MK1   Exceptional!

STOA COA #1278. serial# B9470157. California Registration and plates. This early Tiger was "completely disassembled", and rebuilt with amazing components, top tier restoration! Uprated Suspension, engine, brakes, differential, U-joints, paint and interior. Rare to find this condition, fresh from resto and available in California for viewing. Basically a brand new upgraded exceptional Tiger, no not $115,000, my seller wants to move on to a new project, so this beauty is priced to sell! Huge value!

LISTING AT...................  $88,500.

1965 Corvette - Exceptional Condition

More pictures on the way ! A winning chassis from the shop of "Big Iron Garage".  Completely gone through!  It has won its class at the 202o Daytona  and placed 3rd overall. The spares package is incredible! More info coming but here is a teaser. Worth every penny, and firm  on the list price! GO Ray! **New 427 big block with one weekend on it, appx. 500 miles. Spare 427 big block fresh and ready! New headers on new engine, spare headers for the spare engine, Jerico 4-speed, Van Steele rear housing and suspension. Original suspension comes as a spare. Wilwood all corners, original GM brakes, Van steele gears as: 3.73, 3.55, 3.36 (in situ) JRI adj shocks and more...

LISTING AT...............$125,000

1969 Corvette

Built for racing in about 2000. In 2003 the seller converted the car into a duplicate of his original 1969 (built for racing in 1971) with many parts from the original car. The car was last raced with SOVREN in 2016. This car is legal to SCCA B-Production rules 1969-1975, Fresh engine with two races, dyno'd at 530hp - 355cid. Muncie M22 4-speed rock crusher with all current upgrades. Three heavy duty Diffs, 
all in different ratio's. Koni double adjustable shocks.  9"x15-1/2" wheels with original J56 brake system with cooling. MANY spares included. The car ran regularly in the top five for a group of 40 to 50 racers in A&B Production and A-Sedan. Was vintage raced from 2003 to 2016. The original car this duplicates raced throughout the USA & Canada from 1971 to 1984; all records available. Custom 38' fifth-wheel, 6-wheel trailer available as well as a dually crew cab truck.  

LISTING AT...............  $125,000.

Hello! Racing is starting to open up in a 'cautious' manner. "NOW" is the time to purchase race cars for pre-race sorting! We ship around the world, many to the UK, and have shipped to/from Germany, Australia, Spain and New Zealand. Part of our service to our clients is to arrange shipping if required, do as much paperwork as necessary, and get these cars back on the track for all to enjoy!  Please be safe during this Covid-19.      ​Thank you & CHEERS!

RALT RT4 - 1986  

1986 Ralt RT4 Formula Atlantic Ford Cosworth BDD/BDA Freshly rebuilt zero mileage professional engine build. Dyno time only, No track time, 5 SPD FT-200. Hewland gear box. Complete car, absolutely freshly rebuilt and ready to race. Brand New Koni (spring loaded) adjustable race shocks (4). Worth 2000 a piece. New never used 4 new housier slicks, with tags. Brand New Simpson seat belts. Custom oil tank electric heater blanket, to preheat engine oil. Updated rear spoiler. 4 custom break cooling ducts. 2 new batteries, 1 brand new spare never used. Removable steering wheel, cockpit adjustable. Break bias and cockpit adjustable front and rear sway bars. Custom aluminum head rest. On board fire extinguisher system. Engine RPM REV limiter. Factory original ground effects body. Car used in Pepsi commercial. Wrenched/Maintained by formula Atlantic mechanic (Alan Collard) Log book and engine dyno sheet.  WILL CONSIDER TRADES-STREETERS/RACE

LISTING AT...……… $55,000.

March 729-7    1972 Formula Ford

This car was the last Formula Ford built by Wayne Mitchell Engineering under license to March.  It was acquired in 2000, restored, maintained, and raced by the former President of SOVREN.  Fresh Jay Ivey 711.  Gearbox gone through by DND Fabrication.  Armstrong shocks rebuilt by Archie Hodge.  Revolution alloy wheels.  Car comes with a good spares package including suspension components, molds for engine cover and leading edge of nose, spare nose, tooling and fixtures to fabricate steering arms, set-up bars, and a set of Weller steel wheels for those organizations that do not allow alloy racing wheels.  Body paint and frame powder coating are fresh.  Will require belts to suit new owner’s preference (old ones out of date).   New owner will also want to set up suspension/brake balance to suit their particular driving style.  

LISTING AT.......... $26,000. 

McRae GM1 - F5000 Graham's USA car !

Very rare to find this GM1 #14. This was Graham's car while racing in the USA. F5000 winning chassis. Powered by one of the Esterer motors! Ready now with shop check, available for viewing with appointment.  NO disappointments!

Fly into the owner's city and test it on his personal race track at his home!

LISTING AT...………..$155,000 "FIRM"  

TR6 - 1969  "CP" Fuel Injected  - RESTORED

An excellent example of one of Britain's loved street and race cars!  SCCA "CP" racer, had turned a 1:37 at Seattle, underwent a 2-year restoration.  Excellent build by a professional shop, rare fuel injection, 4-speed close ration gearbox, Panasports with Hoosiers, ATL 15gal fuel cell, Konis & Spax, adjustable camber, adjustable sway bar, roller bearings, aluminum radiator, new springs, tuned exhaust, new fire system, just a long list! Email for this top tier component list.  HUGE investment, priced to sell!

​LISTING AT...........  $24,950.

1967 Lola T70  SL73/109.  for sale in the USA.

**This is a true & correct T70 SL73/109, and  has FIA papers #35639. Correct with huge history, complete from day one! This is is the 'only' original car for sale in the USA.  Very well kept , always available for viewing!  NO disappointments!! Restored 2014 in Europe.

See above Video at 5:37   !!


OFFERED AT...................$550,000.

Lola T190 F5000 #15.

NEW! Here is  "one of the two" correct Mike Hailwood Lola T190 chassis'. It is just an exceptional car, huge history, ready now! I have more info to add, price soon, but this is an amazing opportunity, a great part of racing history to be enjoyed today!​​

LISTING AT...........$149,900

AC Cobra 1964 289 USRRC chassis   CSXxxxx.

This is a amazing part of racing history, an 'original' verified 289 USRRC race car. Owned for nearly 40 years. We have all of the history and specs for the serious buyer. NOT a copy!

Our client has enjoyed this car for nearly 4 decades, now time to pass it along to a collection or racing history fan! These are difficult to locate, and are available very infrequently!  Priced below market, a huge opportunity!  ALSO street licensed for export to the UK, or any other country!

LISTING AT...……..  $850,000 "OBO" !

McLaren M8 Can-Am.   "ON-THE-BUTTON"

* History back to 1973.

* Always a complete chassis.

​*  Restored as original. huge investment, just the finest available. Amazing power! 

*Always maintained & track supported by a phenomenal race shop!

* Low hours on drive train.​*  Last use: Prelim LBGP  in 2017 Monterey Historics 2017, and Sonoma 2018, ran flawlessly.

LISTING AT......... $675,000.

Austin-Healey - 1959 Bugeye - "EP" fun!

Here is our car of the week! Exceptional value, just lowered to $15,999. Quick car now running with the "EP" group, so a fun competitive Group 2. I've run this group with many cars, you will "always" find someone to race with! And in this Bugeye, pass plenty! Lots of the high quality Speedwell parts from the Bugeye master....Mr. Colby's shop, none better! Safety check and you're racing, ready to go now! Even the tires only have on and a half events, so no cost there either! Competitive chassis with VARA, 3rd in May, has had two First place finishes, two seconds and one third! Likely in "FP' in other racing orgs, so 'many' finishes as "P1"! All set to go except you'll need a transponder. Huge fun for this price point! Give us a call or email for more!

McLaren Can-Am 'Commander'. reproduction.

Exceptional condition This is a copy, but very well sorted and a correct build. Quality and fun at a lower price point !!  Chassis built by the well-known original McLaren team member John Collins!

​This car can be completed with a deposit, currently in the shop. Amazing car for this price!


LISTING AT ………..  $275,000..JUST LOWERED!

​​​​​​Thank you for visiting! We offer a wide selection of "quality" cars from which to choose!  It is our extreme pleasure to offer such fine cars for the track and street!

We also offer locating service for a particular marque!

We are happy to assist with sales overseas, from start to finish ! We have a couple of well-priced  and service oriented  International Freight Forwarder for your use, as well as great USA 'enclosed ' transport carriers  We assist as much as possible including transport and logistics.

​We "love" race cars!!

Thank you,



1965 Sunbeam Tiger MK1  Exceptional!

Original and in exceptional condition. Owned by a relative of Carroll Shelby's who has been racing Tiger's for decades. the pictures here do NOT do the car justice, it is very clean and correct. Has run the Monterey Historics several times, and has been invited six times, so no doubt about its authenticity! The car also has a clean title and proper Vin#, being built originally in the UK Mid-January 1965.

LISTING AT............  $114,500

CHINOOK -  F5000 Chassis #01 - 1970 - BOSS 302.

Exceptional condition, so well kept, last chassis from Chinook, so a monocoque chassis. Powered by a BOSS 302 FORD. You'll be unlikely to find so much car for this price point!

LISTING AT...........  $105,000 as of 01/06/20 Exceptional price!


This from May 2019 SCCA Oregon Double  Regional.  Prepared to 1979 IMSA spec.   Custom Inconel-filled two-stage exhaust mufflers producing legal below dBa at low back pressure  from peripheral port rotary 13B. Anybody remotely familiar with rotary peripheral port race engines appreciates how difficult this is to accomplish.  Engine with Francesco Ianetti ceramic apex seals (he did those used by Mazda in 4-rotor that won Lemans in 1991. This low-time rebuilt engine is a little beast and produces appx 300-plus hp at 9000 rpm.  3 logbooks (documenting all vintage event race history by three vintage sanctioning bodies, Mitty at Road Atlanta, Indy, etc) of prior owner Tom Turner of Huntsville, Alabama.  A LOT of car for this price point!  

​LISTING AT...…………   $16,500. JUST LOWERED!!

1957 Townsend Typhoon - Chassis #3.

Exceptional part of racing history!  Has FIA papers, Logbooks. Was restored appx. 8 years ago. Redone with love of the older V8 race cars! This car has had article after article done on the car.  

​The Mark II Townsend Typhoon, the third Typhoon, was built by Frank, Butch McDaniel, Jack Voevodsky, Larry Randell, and friends. It raced in NHRA and SR B/M SCCA events.  This car started with a Mark I body.

Race anywhere, huge history.

LISTING AT.........……$175,000

March 73A/2 (A)   F5000.

Amazing part of racing history! John Cannon's son Michael, sold this to our client, great and correct part of racing history! 

Complete restoration, new gearbox , a arms uprights, fuel cells , radiators , won 21 out 23 races Cota national championship

Rebuilt in 2004 by John and Graham Collins Fabrications (Santa Ana, CA). Collins continued to prepare the car for Wilson through to 2011. Graham reports that the tub has been reskinned and new suspension built as the car has been developed. Raced by Paul WIlson at Road America July 2013, at the Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational at IMS in June 2014, and at Road America in July 2015. MORE PICS & INFO TO COME!

LISTING AT............. $155,000.