Of the two originals, this is the only remaining Prototype of the Shelby Can-Am! A piece of Carroll Shelby history. This is 100% restored, too pretty to race! We are looking for a Shelby collector or Shelby museum to put this into for all to enjoy!  Not a mark on this car, Even the great Tony Adamowicz drove this Can-Am and had great things to say!

OFFERED AT ..........  $74,900.

 1967 Mini Cooper "S". A real 'S' having been with my client for the 17 years I have known him,. This is a high quality Cooper with a nearly new motor, 1-1/2 hrs on it, built by a quality Mini shop in Central California. This is a very rare offer of a real 'S' race car!

OFFERED AT............  $31,000.

Lola T70 chassis, track or street car, very fast and very fun! LS3 with Porsche 4-speed 930 Transaxle.

​Monocoque frame with billet., CNC uprights, just a quality build!

OFFERED AT......... $119,900 OBO!

Swift - Toyota 008a #006. Danica Patrick car!  FRESH Loyning fuel injected 240hp 10,000 RPM screamer! Very quick! Completely restored. 'Huge' build list of  exceptional components, none finer! NEW Stack data system $7,500 alone. There are enough spares to make another car, so basically a (2) car sale.

OFFERED AT.............$80,000.

....................................CARS   SOLD​...........................................

2004 TA Corvette! Group 9 screamer! Always a podium finisher! NEW motor Dan Tim AEC358, 817 hp and 560 torque. NEW Jerico 5-speed, all the right 'stuff', very fast, and very ready now!  Great price for so much car! excellent value!

OFFERED  AT..........$69,900.

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our seller’s descriptions, no responsibility is taken for error, omission or misstatement or imperfections not stated.  We 'do' research our listings for accuracy, but rely on our seller’s knowledge of their vehicles. Buyers should satisfy themselves pre -purchase of the condition and provenance of the car and on their own judgment to satisfy themselves as to whether the car accords to its description or not. 

Boss 302, 1969. From a private collection, the finest you'll find! The pictures and provenance of this chassis tell the story!Ran in 1970  Daytona 24 with Ed  Matthews and Don Sessler. 1971 Daytona 24hr with Ed, Swede Savage and Danny Ongais. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! OFFERED AT........ $180,000

McLaren M8 Can-Am. John Cannon's Commander, restored to original. None finer! Last raced this year at Saturday's race at the Long Beach Grand Prix! Has also competed at the Monterey Historics. Professionally maintained by a McLaren expert, no disappointments...absolutely ready now, these pics do not do it justice, more on the way.

OFFERED AT......... $675,000.

1989 Hi-Tech Transporter with 2000 Volvo tractor. 48"  w/sleeper, long wheel base, Detroit Diesel 60 series, 935K miles. Configured to haul 5 cars.  All expected ancillaries i.e.; generator, compressor, rear lift and mezzanine. email for specs! GREAT deal!

OFFERED AT...... $65,000


Ralt RT4 Formula A,

Built 20 Oct 1982 with 1983 jigs according to Ralt records, hence an '83 spec chassis. Wide rocker configuration. Has AM chassis stamping and Ralt tag.
Delivered new to Graham Watson (Ralt Australia), and run by him in the 1982 Australian GP. AUS/NZ history with Paul Radisich and Chris Hocking, then shipped to Rick Shea for the USA WCAR years (ca. 1989). Later USA owners known, up until myself. History dossier by Chris Townsend; some email communications with prior owners.
Steve Jennings BD rebuilt by Ivey in 2015, approximately three hours on it. Inconspicuous EVO4 data system with standard dash instruments for vintage racing. Set up for radio. Solid jig-set FT200 with a few spare gears. One set of dry wheels with well-used tires, one set of wets with lightly used tires. A few suspension and other spares.

OFFERED AT ....................$55,000.

​​​​Thank you for visiting! We offer a wide selection of "quality" cars from which to choose!  It is our extreme pleasure to offer such fine cars for the track and street!

We also offer locating service for a particular marque!

We are happy to assist with sales overseas, we have a well-priced and service oriented  International Freight Forwarder for your use, as well as great USA 'enclosed ' transport carriers  We assist as much as possible including transport and logistics.

​We "love" race cars!!

Thank you,




1986 NASCAR history with Neil Bonnett! ! Excellent for the vintage group! 350/T10 5-speed, Ford 9". Huge part of NASCAR history! This was one of the cars from the Junior Johnson Team. 350V8 +.30. Ground pounder side exhaust!

​OFFERING AT ............ $39,995.

1967 Lotus Elan, 26R specs, 1700cc quality Jay Ivey 2015 motor. Excellent shape and well engineered. Original paperwork! I have known this client since 2000, this is an excellent Lotus!

OFFERED AT..........$52,500

Cobra 'street' car! Excellent build, registered and tabs in Idaho. I personally know the seller and have seen this beauty! NO disappointments! Very quick as expected. Built in 1995 it has been with the owner since. This chassis reflects the quality of the owner, a race and restoration business owner!

​OFFERED AT............. $51,500.

Frissbee #02 Can-Am 1981. Beautiful, well engineered, great components.  Driven by Danny Sullivan and Al Unser, Sr. & Rocky Moran. Great spares package included. Previously owned by Paul Newman and Rocky Moran! NOdisappointments! Priced very well. "Fully documented". This price includes enclosed transport shipping anywhere within the continental USA.

OFFERED AT ................ $195,000

1959 Stanguellini FJ, # Cs00159 Beautiful and very historic Formula Junior! 60th year in 2017, so many fun events, excellent competition! Proper chassis and history, updating and motor being rebuilt now! NO disappointments!

​OFFERED AT ............$125,000

1981 Crossle' 50F Formula Ford. complete  chassis restoration, beautiful with over the top internals, custom Ivey pistons, all new gauges, new motor, redone Hewland with new gears from Taylor, just an excellent build. NONE finer! This is also the prototype 50F of Dennis Firestone NO disappointments! Update: I visited the car this morning , 07/25/17, and saw the original 1981 logbook, it is legit!  NEW LOWERED PRICE!

OFFERED AT............. $19,900.

​​1967 Mini Cooper Racer! 1275cc motor with Weber. Has been sitting for several years, needs fluids change, belts, new tires. That can be arranged prior to shipping. Excellent starter car, my first race car was a Mini, very fun!

​NOW!  OFFERED AT ............$18,000.

Please use our "contact" page for all the info and additional pictures! 

1963 Bobsy SR2. Powered by a 1750CC Alfa Romeo double overhead cam with dry sump. Twin Weber 45DCOE. Hewland 5-speed Dog Box. Chassis strengthened by Horizon Racing.  Adj pedals, just an original quality sports racer to run with Lotus and Elva at a fraction of the cost.  Original registry paperwork .

​NEW LOWERED PRICE, absolutely lowest!

OFFERED AT .................$39,000

1967 Shelby GT500 with 31,000  ORIGINAL miles . Registry listed  & beautiful!  "427FE". "Automatic."

OFFERED AT......$175,000 OBO

Reduced to $49,000. Excellent deal, this will cover your transport plus!

This is believed to be the 1982 Patrick Wildcat Mk8B chassis, sister car to Gorden's Indy 500 winning car for 1982. USAC sticker 206 - pictured here. Was raced with a Cosworth DFX, but this is a mock-up in the car. DFX available for this car from seller.  Minimal paperwork on this chassis.

OFFERED AT.............. $45,000

1998 Corvette, amazing winning chassis of Paul Gentilozzi! This chassis won 8 out of 12 races that year! This is VERY competitive "TODAY "for Trans-Am! This has not been put away to storage, it is ready to use now! NEW motor!

OFFERED AT ............ $130,000.


1966 Ford Mustang 'K' Code Fastback  One of a kind!

Balanced & Blueprinted, 4 speed,3.50/1 positive traction,Viper blue with white stripes,Front and rear fender flares, 8" front and 10" rear Anson wheels,Shelby quarter windows,Shelby front valance,Shelby hood,Auto Meter gauges,Scat seats,Rear seat delete tray,AM/FM cassette 6 speaker stereo, 5700+ miles since restoration.

​offered at......... $65,000

Excellent 2004 Porsche 996 CUP CAR.  2013 SCCA TRANSAM 3 winner! Extras with this cup car, Dowes engine rebuilt 75 hour meter with 38 racing hours! Traqmate data with TPS, Cool suit, Air Jacks servicer 2015, 2-3 shift lock,
​BIG spares package and more! Not abused!

​OFFERED AT..........$46,995.

1982 Olds Skoal Bandit! Huge history from original series to the Kelly series to the vintage series with Sam Moses, great author and driver ! Hedgecock chassis. Has been dirven by Bobby Labonte,  as well as Dale Earnhardt at Caraway. This is the FIRST Skoal Bandit before Harry  Gant. More than $120k has been invested since 2008.

​OFFERED AT............. $97,900

1961 FRANKENMINI! OMG.......Very fast, street or very fun track day car with the Honda V-Tec  twin cam motor.  5-speed,  full heim joint adj. suspension. 4-pot calipers, Minilite, Yokohama, quality build!  This is a sensational track day car!! $40k invested!

​OFFERED AT............ $27,500

Piece of NASCAR Busch history! 1972 Monte Carlo restored. Driven originally by "Ironman" Ingram, and later by NASCAR greats David Pearson and Donny Allison! These pics do NOT do it justice. This an excellent chassis, Powered by 364ci w/4-speed. Built by most often used 70's builder, Banjo Matthews!

OFFERED AT........... $45,995.

This Lola T-210/212 is a continuation production of the original car built by Lola in 1970.  It has a Lola identification tag and serial number.  It is completely authentic, new construction using the original materials, design drawings and manufacturing process.  Therefore there are no 45 year old components in need of replacement.  It's FIA approved for Masters Series, the FIA Masters Sports Cars Championship, HSCC Martini, SVRA and HSR vintage competition and comes with FIA certification papers (FIA Passport) for historic racing eligibility.  Every component of the car is available through the manufacturer in the UK.  This car has undergone extensive testing and development.  As a result, a substantial number of upgrades and improvements to the car have been completed.

OFFERED AT............. $139,900.

Chevron: 1974 Chevron B 27. Chassis # B27-02, Formula Atlantic.

Runs as a F-2 now with 2L Cosworth engine which has 1 ½ hours on it, installed 10-16 for Willow Springs, Jay Ivey build
Hewland FT 200 gear box. New 9-31 R&P at same time   Cam and Pawl diff OK condition             
Purchased on 8-15-2008 from Johnnie Crean who acquired it in 1998, He never raced it.
Graham Collins completely rebuild the car for Crean, including a new tub before storing it.
Crean purchased it from David Kopf in 1998 who kept it for over 10 years, but never used it since he could not fit in it.
I don’t know the history  of  the first few years of the car.
It now has an aluminum nickasil block by S. Jennings, and is a 2 L.  engine w weber carbs.
All the best parts, round tooth cam drive, light flywheel, rods and crank 

It went through several rebuilt as needed, no expense spared, the most recent  in 9-16 by Ivey engines.

It has Penske non resv D/A shocks, rubber donuts replaced by CV joints, S/S header and Coast Fab muffler
Reinforced engine mounting, updated 2 element rear wing
Setup for tall driver, suitable for 6’ driver, tall rollbar, 1” taller windscreen, new 2016
Billet engine adaptor by Jennings, Fuel cells serviced and new foam in 2009
The car has been continuously maintained by Chris Harrison who also provided track support at every race. Extensive records
                 No race time since tub repair and complete check after a track incident. in 2017
The car comes with 2 sets of wheels, gears for Spring Mountain in car, other ratios tbd, new spare nose, rear wing, starter, ign

​OFFERED AT....................  $97,500   ACCEPTING OFFERS

Crossle' 15F F5000. In excellent  restored condition and ready to go. This is a RARE item indeed. A Crossle' 15F Formula 5000 car, 1968, only 3 were ever produced. The Crossle Company later went onto great success in Formula Ford in 70's and early 80's. The engine is Chevy 302 with downdraft Webers. This engine has only 2 races on it. The gearbox is a Hewland LG600.  Very nice condition for this rare piece. NO disappointments!

OFFERED AT ...............$110,000.

1931 Ford - Riley 4-port! Monterey entrant, Coronado, Sonoma, accepted everywhere and made as original. Seller has been a racer for 60 years. This car is clean and periodcorrect! Very fun and very historic! Great spares package. Nearly a $100k restoration to be authentic, seller's labor of love!


1980 MARCH 80A 'FA' chassis. FRESH zero mile Cosworth BDA with FT200 with complete set of gears. One of the Shierson historic cars! Ready for the track, a beautiful and well set up MARCH with great spares. Trailer also available. As always can be viewed with appointment.

OFFERED AT............ $84,995.