I started vintage racing with a 62' Mini Cooper and opened a Yahoo store called Ricks Minis.

In this time period, I made a lot of racing connections, suppliers, transports and sold consigned street and race cars, was a Spax distributor, sold vintage race parts, and was a Longacre race products distributor as well. We closed Ricks Minis in 2005. We raced a Crossle' Formula Ford and a Lola Formula Super Vee during that time period.

I opened Race Car Locators, LLC on a very limited basis. Added to the racing experience with a Sunbeam Alpine, Elden Formula Ford, MGB, a Lola T492 S2000 and now a 67' Triumph TR4a. With the diversity of cars comes multiple contacts.

We started in earnest at the end of 2014, finding a project car, a McLaren Mk1B Can-Am car, Sports Racer and Formula Continental race cars. Our street cars included a 62' Porsche 356, a 66' Corvette Convertible and Camaro 2nd Gen.

2018 - 2020

​We have marketed some quality race cars, from F1 to small production cars. We have sold many F5000, Atlantics, Jaguar, McLaren, many fine solid race cars! We appreciate your business!


Race Car Locators, LLC Race Car Sales

Our History

Job Opportunities

Race Car Locators, LLC.  Locate, sell, race and street cars.  Racing Consultant.

​Race Car Locators, LLC was originally opened to assist clients in locating their new race car, for either rookie or veteran racer.   I am available to take the time needed to locate your car, leaving you to continue on with your busy schedule. I deal with the tire kickers and paperwork, transportation, items that you don't have the time for!  The company has added a service assisting owners of race cars who are searching for historic information about their particular chassis for their files.

Our service scouts out as many of the desired models as we can find worldwide to suit our clients needs.


Join the Race Car locators, LLC family and deliver world-class service to our clients.

Thanks for checking, but for right now, there are no openings.  We are happy to have your name, location and skill set on-file for the future, but I can not say when we will be hiring.  Thanks much for looking!